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NDIS Registered Support Service Provider in Melbourne

The aim of Lifetime Disability Service is to ensure that individuals with disabilities have the opportunity to live life to the fullest. We are a registered NDIS provider in Melbourne with a team of experienced disability support staff who understand the special needs of people with any kind of disability and provide professional assistance to them. We aim to enrich the lives of our clients by providing them with reliable NDIS disability services and helping them live a holistic life of independence and comfort.

We help our clients with innovative community interactions and encourage their active participation with the community which can motivate and help them in developing life skills. Our quality disability care services are designed to address the unique requirements of NDIS participants.

NDIS Support Services in Melbourne

As a registered NDIS provider, we work towards providing reliable disability support at our fully equipped disability service centre in Melbourne. We focus on offering the best disability services under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) initiated by the Australian Government. This scheme is focused on providing equal opportunities and access to resources for people with disabilities. Our team works towards providing the best care, guidance, counselling and development of life skills through our professional and high-quality disability support services.

Disability Service Covered by NDIS Funding

  • Group or centre activities:
    Through group participation and interaction with family, friends, volunteers, peers, we facilitate participants’ growth and enable them to enjoy recreational activities at our disability service centre.
  • Participation in community and social activities:
    This service is focused on the development of participants through social events, group interactions and community participation.
  • Household tasks:
    NDIS household chores are one of the major services that are always in high demand. We aim to help the participants with the various household tasks to keep their homes clean and organised.
  • Life skill development:
    We provide services and support that make participants more independent and self-confident. This is useful for individuals with a disability who are transitioning into a new stage in life.
  • Innovative community participation:
    We encourage our clients to put forward their innovative ideas and exhibit them in a community setting. Applauding the efforts, we try to inculcate those ideas practically for the welfare of society.
  • Daily tasks/shared living:
    Selfcare becomes challenging especially if you are living alone. Our staff and services are tailor-made to provide every type of assistance, from the simplest to complex tasks for our clients. This service also extends to assistance for shared living.
  • Assistance with personal activities:
    To ensure proper hygiene and wellbeing, we also offer quality assistance with personal activities for NDIS participants including activities bathing, dressing and cooking.
  • Assisting travel and transportation:
    We assist with travel and transportation requirements of individuals with disabilities. Our vehicles are specially designed for NDIS participants and are always ready to assist our clients.
  • Assisting life stage/transition:
    Going through different stages in life can be overwhelming. We offer all the necessary support and training they need for a smooth transition.
  • Accommodation/tenancy:
    We help participants in finding an appropriate accommodation that has all the amenities. We also provide assistance with their tenancy search.

How Can Our Professional Care Help?

At Lifetime Disability Services, we offer services that an individual with a disability would require to live a comfortable life. Our support workers help NDIS participants become more independent for their needs. We provide care from basic assistance to complex in-home care to facilitate the overall growth of a person. Our aim is to make them feel independent and access more opportunities. With us you get caring disability support services, with professional competence and empathetic understanding for our valued clients.

Live the Best Life with Lifetime Disability Services

At Lifetime Disability Services, we have qualified professionals with experience and knowledge. The mental, social and physical wellbeing of our clients is always our top priority. Here are some reasons to choose our services:

  • Compassionate and enthusiastic support workers
  • A variety of services for holistic growth
  • Qualified experts
  • Affordable rates
  • Our team can visit at home as per the convenience of our clients

Lifetime Disability Services is a well-equipped NDIS service provider with compassionate staff.  For more information, you can contact our team on 0431 271 911 or email us at [email protected].

Services We Provide

Why Choose Us

We are dedicated to our mission to provide the best service so we can make you happy. Whether you need our assistance with small tasks or need our help to network with the community, we are here to help.

We provide support in daily tasks We provide support in daily tasks. We also provide training to help people with disabilities lead an autonomous life. We want to help you prepare for the future by assisting you in the present.

We also help people with disabilities in networking with various members : We also help people with disabilities in networking with various members of the community. We teach valuable life skills and help develop an overall positive outcome in your life. You can start a career, support yourself, participate in your community, and achieve everything you have dreamed of doing.

Training to fulfill your life goals: We make sure that your disability is no reason for you to give up. Instead, we will motivate and inspire you along with adequate training to fulfill your life goals.


The NDIS plan for every individual with disability is different, so the amount you will receive will depend on the services you require as an NDIS participant. This can only be evaluated after a discussion with our support coordinator and your NDIS plan manager.

Registered NDIS services go through an extensive process to attain certification and approval. They are required to adhere to all legalities and follow recent plans and guidelines laid by the government.


Our Vision is to become the leading service provider for people with special needs. Within the next 2 years, we want to spread our operations throughout the country so that everyone suffering from a disability can avail our services and support.

With our extensive support staff and community participation programs, we envision a world where people with disabilities live a fulfilled life. They can pursue their passion, career, holistic living, and encourage others with their inspiring experiences.


We aim to make people happy. We understand the discomfort and the associative depression people go through when they have any kind of disability. Whether the disability is physical, mental, cognitive, psychosocial, or intellectual takes a toll on the person’s mind and body.

Our mission is to help people live as normal a life as possible by dissuading any negative emotions associated with their disability. We like to make them smile and live life to its fullest.

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