Lifetime Disability is a service-based organization dedicated to providing support and assistance to people with disabilities. Our sole mission is to help people lead a wholesome and fulfilling life despite their health conditions.

Why We Created The Company

Our founder, Joy, has a sister who has been in and out of the hospital her entire life. Due to a permanent disability, she is unable to perform various tasks which left her feeling depressed. Joy wanted to help her and all the other disabled people who have difficulties that they are unable to overcome.

She already had a degree in International business, but instead of getting a high-paying corporate job, Joy decided to dedicate her life to helping people. Keeping her sister’s condition in mind, she got a degree in Disability to further understand the internal and external trauma of the people. During her studies, Joy realized that over 4 million people had a disability in Australia alone. That helped her make her final decision. She decided to start a support program to assist them, motivate them and help them achieve their goals.

Our Journey So Far

Upon graduating, Joy worked with organisations dedicated to caring for the elderly. She gained first-hand experience and learned the requirements of people who need support and assistance. Once She was familiar with all the aspects of care and support, she started her organisation in February 2019 that is dedicated to helping the disabled. Since then, Joy has hand-picked the best support team and trained them to deliver top service with a smile.

As a sibling of someone who has a disability, Joy was familiar with the physical and emotional pain that people bear. She wanted to provide a service that would be dedicated to helping people find their passion for life. She interviewed hundreds of candidates herself and picked only those who showed signs of concern; those who truly understood what people with disabilities must be going through.

Joy used her extensive knowledge of business and personal experiences to create the best disability support service for her clients. She understands the value of feedback because she wants her clients to be happy. She strongly believes in the principles of spreading joy, especially to those who already have such a difficult life.

Our Core Motto

We aim to help you regain your self-confidence and self-worth. That is why we not only provide support for household activities and daily tasks, but we also provide training and development sessions.

We connect you to experts in the industry who will help you learn valuable life skills, so the disability does not deter you from your goals. You can learn these skills and apply them in your personal life and in a professional capacity. You can also meet and network with community members who can assist you in finding a suitable career path to support yourself.

While you work on learning and networking, our support team will always be by your side to assist you, suggest viable ideas, and keep you motivated.