NDIS Short Term Accommodation & Tenancy Support in Melbourne

Different types of disabilities bring different kinds of challenges. At Lifetime Disability Services, we understand the requirements as well as goals of individuals with disabilities to live an independent living. We are committed to offering reliable NDIS accommodation and tenancy support to all eligible participants. Our one-on-one and individual assistance aim to support you every step of the way in acquiring an individual living space. We can also help you in overcoming barriers that impact your current tenancy deals due to disability or help you obtain new space.

Our accommodation tenancy assistance under NDIS covers everything, from assessment, installation of devices and equipment, liaising planning, individual case planning, and more. We achieve the aim of NDIS by providing a variety of NDIS support services regarding tenancy and accommodation. Our team seeks to help every eligible NDIS participant with proper accommodation support services. We also ensure that the accommodation is safe and convenient while adhering to your NDIS plan and guidelines.

What Is Accommodation Tenancy NDIS?

NDIS aims to provide accommodation support services to offer a disabled individual living in an independent space. These can be:

  • Short term accommodation (STA)
  • Medium term accommodation (MTA)
  • NDIS emergency accommodation

The purpose is to guide, advise, supervise or assist activities to assure that the participant has an accommodation that appropriately meets their needs. Registered NDIS accommodation providers like Lifetime Disability Services offer convenient tenancy choices for the participants. Our experienced and trained team can assist you in finding and selecting the right property or

house for short term stay . Along with tenancy support, we also provide assistance for supportive living to ensure that you have the proper care and support to manage your daily tasks. Along with independent living accommodation, we help to find and secure a place that is located near various convenience centres such as medical stores, parks, grocery stores etc.

Depending on the situation and individual goals, here are some ways we can help:

  • Help in planning out accommodation objectives
  • Liaising planning with experts like real estate agents and DHHS
  • Assistance in recognising obstacles to avoid risky tenancies
  • Specifying and enforcing techniques to strengthen current tenancies
  • Searching for new and better housing preferences
  • Aiding in personal rental applications
  • Help in filing applications for DHHS rentals
  • Benefiting participants to attain DHHS Bond Loan and important household commodities
  • Support with financial management
  • Working to provide assistance with utility grants
  • Finding suitable accommodation for independent living

Accommodation and Housing Options under NDIS: Melbourne

We offer participants a range of NDIS housing options depending upon their needs and conditions. Having long-term professional relationships with several medium term accommodation providers and NDIS short term accommodation providers, our team is able to offer the best housing options for you. For us, making sure the suitability of a place is a must. Whether you are looking for shared living accommodation or individual space across Melbourne or any other suburbs of the city, we can make tenancy arrangements wherever you want.

Lifetime Disability Services offers the following accommodation and housing options:

Specialist Disability accommodation (SDA):
SDA housing is designed for people with severe functional impairments, who have specialised needs. These dwellings are designed to help people live better with an array of support facilities.

NDIS Short Term Accommodation (STA):
Short Term Accommodation for disability are dwellings designed for a short stay away from home. It covers the cost for shared and individual living up to 14 days.

NDIS Medium Term Accommodation ( MTA):
Medium Term Accommodation is allotted to NDIS participants while they search for a suitable place for long term dwelling. Funds can be provided for up to 90 days.

NDIS Emergency Accommodation in Melbourne

If you are looking for reliable assistance for NDIS emergency accommodation needs, Lifetime Disability Service is here to assist you with in-depth knowledge and qualified service experts.

For more information regarding disability rental housing, NDIS short & medium term accommodation and tenancy support, you can call us on 0431 271 911 or email us at [email protected].


No, NDIS does not pay for rental payments. It can assist with the stay but does not pay the rent.

NDIS does not pay for something that is not related to your disability, for example, bills, food and electricity.

Holidays are not a part of disability criteria. Thus, every holiday expense is not eligible for NDIS funding.

SDA funding is provided to SDA service providers for building and maintenance costs.

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