NDIS Personal Care Support by Qualified Carers in Melbourne

Personal hygiene is an important need of every individual. NDIS services help in decreasing over-reliance on family and friends, enabling them to feel empowered and independent. Such services also make living alone easier and manageable for NDIS participants. Lifetime Disability Services in Melbourne is dedicated to providing a range of NDIS services to its clients. We ensure the wellbeing of our participants to assist them in living a life of dignity and without any restrictions.

What Is NDIS Personal Care In Disability?

NDIS covers assistance for daily personal care activities. This support includes supervision, guidance and assistance by an NDIS personal care providers for activities like:

  • Bathing, dressing, grooming, oral hygiene
  • Toileting, menstrual care, bladder and bowel management
  • Eating and drinking
  • Using and attaching equipment
  • Medicines, doctor visits etc

We provide care for people with disabilities whether a participant living alone, living with family or in an accommodation, partaking in social, education or business activities, or on vacations. Assistance with personal care needs NDIS support workers to help the participants while also helping them increase their independence and enhancement of functional skills. These services are approved and included in the plan, taking into account the participant’s age and disability.

Through our support for daily activities NDIS, we encourage participants to engage in a multitude of activities and focus on attaining their goals. Our trained caregivers assist with daily Living activities under NDIS to maintain hygiene and take care of all the personal needs of the participants. Besides intimate care, our team offers assistance with daily personal activities  under NDIS. Whether it is education, work or any other of your interests, our personal care support caregivers can help plan out your day productively.

NDIS Assistance with Daily Personal Activities in Melbourne

Our support workers follow the approved NDIS guidelines to assist you in accordance with your needs and demands. We visit your place at the time suitable for the participant for assistance in their personal tasks. Whether you require care in the morning hours or the evening, on weekdays or public holidays, our team is there to help you out. From washing, showering, eating and medication assistance, our team will be there to take care of such daily personal activities. We provide reliable NDIS services and so that you can achieve various other goals.

Lifetime Disability Service promises to:

Lend an ear: We listen and accommodate changes that you wish to have in your routine.

Always there for you: Our team understands that availability is important and thus we provide you with expert workers who can be there regularly for your needs.

Be considerate: Though we are here to help you in your daily activities, we will be respectful of your personal space and follow set boundaries strictly.

Meet your expectations: Our team will be there to offer reliable assistance so that all your expectations are met.

What Our Disability Support Workers Can Assist With?

Our NDIS personal care support is an enriching experience for those who need our services. Lifetime Disability Services offer the following types of assistance:

Moving Around: We offer assistance while moving around the house, getting up from bed or lying in bed.

Dressing and Grooming: Our team can help to change clothes and get your hair done to have a fresh start to your day.

Eating and Drinking: We also assist you in eating your meals and drinking.

Medication: Our support workers help in recording, maintaining and ensuring proper dosage is provided to NDIS participants at the right time.

Bathroom Assistance: When it comes to intimate care, you can rely on our NDIS caregivers to help in bathroom assistance which includes toileting, showering and more for maintaining personal hygiene.

Cooking and Meal Preparation: From grocery shopping to cooking everything needed to prepare a meal is done by our support workers.

Benefits of Choosing Our Assistance with Daily Living

  • Compassionate and reliable care providers in Melbourne
  • Quality equipment and advanced training techniques
  • Available anytime and anywhere for NDIS participants
  • Quality service while respecting personal space
  • NDIS services available for children and for adults with special needs

At Lifetime Disability Services, we are always there to assist you for High intensity daily personal activities. Give us a call on 0431 271 911 or email us at [email protected] for a free consultation, guidance and bookings.


PCA is a funded service provided by the NDIA for specially-abled people who cannot take care of their personal activities on their own. Whereas AIN is a career option that is a private paid job taken by nurses to assist people with special needs.

Unfortunately, family members do not fall under the category of support worker of a participant. Hence, funding provided by NDIS cannot be used to pay a family member.

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