NDIS Meal Preparation and Delivery in Melbourne

For many people with disability, cooking and preparing meals can be very challenging, especially with limited mobility. Lifetime Disability Services offers essential meal preparation services for individuals with a disability under the NDIS scheme.

Our NDIS meal preparation and delivery services in Melbourne include cooking food for the participant and delivering it to their place. Anyone who falls under the NDIS meal preparation and delivery scheme is eligible to get the services hassle-free.

It would be best to show valid reasons for being entitled to the services. You can quickly contact your nearby service providers who can arrange these services. Moreover, you can use your NDIS support funds to avail yourself of the meal services.

How Does NDIS Meal Delivery Service Work?

Anyone who falls under the eligibility criteria of the meal scheme by NDIS can opt for the services if it’s part of their plan. At Lifetime Disability Services, our support worker will cook your meals as a part of the NDIS support program and deliver them to your place.

NDIS meal preparation and delivery is a service that is designed to help people with disability. The service can provide assistance with the cooking of food, as well as the delivery of the food.

NDIS meal preparation and delivery can also help people with disability to learn how to cook their own food. NDIS funds does not cover the cost of food, but will cover the cost of preparing the meal and delivering it.

What Are the Pros of NDIS Approved Meal Delivery Services?

NDIS serves the best quality readymade food. You can also get those services alongside the various pros of meal delivery services. Some of them are:

  • Professional assistance to those who are entirely unable to cook or prepare meals.
  • The participant won’t have to wait for the support worker to cook the meals for them as they will be delivered to their home on time. They will only have to reheat the meal prepared.
  • NDIS meal preparation and delivery services will encourage independent living as you won’t have to rely on your loved ones to prepare the meal for you.
  • You will receive nutritious food that meets your dietary requirements, and since they are home-cooked meals, your meals will be healthy and fresh when delivered to your home.
  • You can choose what meals you can eat and will not have to worry about going out or cooking your meals.

Can NDIS Cover the Cost of a Home-Delivered Meal?

NDIS can easily cover the cost of a home-delivered meal. If you are disabled and are unable to prepare meals or shop for ingredients at all, the NDIS support funds can easily cover all the costs of home-delivered meals.

The only precaution is that NDIS looks closely at your disability condition before deciding whether it is a requirement for you and reasonable enough to deliver meals.

In this case, while planning with your service provider, you can carry a full-proof report from your doctor or therapist stating the reasons behind your disability to cook or buy the food yourself.

How to Access Meal Preparation and Delivery With Your NDIS Funding?

To pay for the meal preparation and delivery of those meals from your NDIS funds directly, you need to have this service included in your plan specifically. This was the newest rectification of the rules made by NDIS for delivering cooked meals to NDIS participants.

Getting Meal Prep Included in Your Plan

There are a couple of points that you should keep in mind to get the service included in your plan. This would help you easily include meal prep and subsequent delivery in your NDIS support plan.

Those points are

  • Get a quote about the cost of the meal preparation and delivery. This will state the number of meals the service provider will deliver and the total cost.
  • Carry proper evidence that will ensure that it is reasonable and necessary enough for you to be eligible for NDIS food preparation services in Melbourne. For example, you can carry a report from your professional therapist stating that you cannot cook or buy food items yourself.

If you or your loved one requires meals delivered, contact Lifetime Disability Services in Melbourne today. Our staff is extremely friendly and are always available to guide you with your queries. You can also call us on 0431 271 911 for more information.

Depending on your needs, NDIS will allocate sufficient funds for NDIS meal preparation in Melbourne, which you can get from us, your NDIS certified service provider. This is a regular service where a schedule will be set when you will be receiving your meals.


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