NDIS Respite Care Provider in Melbourne

NDIS approved respite care in Melbourne aims to give the NDIS beneficiaries a break from their usual life in a different location. The support also allows family members to join them in times of need or let them stay with support workers at a centre. Lifetime Disability Services is among the top NDIS respite providers in the city offering skilled and responsive care for individuals with disability. Disability Respite care accommodation often means that the participant is given short-term accommodation with the aim is to relieve the caregiver from their daily hectic routine or to spend some time away from home.    

The assistance that you require to live in a place away from home, family members and friends is also offered. Services are provided according to your needs and depend on your case.  We help you get access to shared living in STA with a support worker who will be readily available to help you out. As per your requirements, we can also provide special care and group activities to make your stay more engaging such as daily activities, leisure activities, group interactions and more.

What Is Respite Care?

A STA is available with support services from accredited NDIS respite services providers. Respite services are generally funded for up to 14 days at a time. It is often given as a break to unpaid or informal caretakers of participants and encourages independent living for NDIS participants with more productive surroundings.

What Does Respite Care Cover?

NDIS holiday accommodation includes the fundamental living costs:

  • Suitable STA facility
  • Life skill development
  • Personal care
  • Community activities
  • Overnight support
  • Food, medication and nutrition
  • Other relevant activities

What are the types of respite services?

Formal Respite Care Services:

A range of formal respite care services are available including:

  • In-home Respite: A caregiver visits your place to provide assistance from time to time, in a week. It can include morning hours, specified hours or overnight support. The support worker can look after a NDIS participant at their home or can take him/her out for a walk or a particular activity.
  • Centre-based Respite: This is when the participant visits a centre to attend a group activity for certain hours. There are usually activities and events at these centres to help participants expand their capabilities.
  • Community Access Respite: This kind of respite helps the participant in getting engaged in various activities that can encourage them to cultivate independent living and enhance their social skills. This could be an organisation, a community centre or a support worker who might accompany the participant’s family, to assistance in various activities.

Informal Respite Care:

If you are looking for informal respite care for yourself to avoid involving strangers in tasks, here are some options you could explore:

  • Family and Friends: Any family member or a trusted friend can look after the participant when unpaid caretakers are not available or if there is a need for a break.
  • After-school and Vacation Care: These services offer leisure and comprehensive recreation for schoolage children. They are usually offered by most schools or similar organisations.
  • Recreational Activities: Fun and recreational activities allow participants to engage in fruitful interactions while parents and caretakers have a break and engage with others in a similar situation.
  • Camps: Many organisations and government-funded institutions organise camps for individuals with disability for a refreshing experience. These camps have access to support services and workers for various types of assistance.

Emergency Respite Care:

If you need emergency respite care, we can provide caretakers at a short notice. Our short-term accommodation is equipped with all basic amenities needed for participants and is available for emergency and unplanned stays.

NDIS Emergency Respite Care Service for Disabled in Melbourne

Lifetime Disability Service provides NDIS emergency temporary care for individuals with disability. We care about your needs and provide reliable assistance for NDIS participants. Whether you need a break or require training, guidance or support needs, our team will be there to offer efficient NDIS care in Melbourne.

How Do I Find an Emergency Respite Services?

If you are on the lookout for quality assistance for your loved ones, then Lifetime Disability Service in Melbourne is here to help you out. To know more details of our NDIS services in Melbourne or an emergency respite care, feel free to contact us on 0431 271 911 or email us at [email protected].

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