The Australian surveys show that over 4.3 million citizens are suffering from significant or permanent disabilities. Most of the populous lack proper support and care for their health conditions. Keeping the welfare of the people in mind, the NDIS is taking extraordinary measures to ensure everyone with a disability can access proper information, connection, care, and support to help them.

What Is NDIS?

NDIS stands for National Disability Insurance Scheme. This welfare system is spreading through all territories to help
the entire nation. The NDIS is dedicated to providing welfare and support, so people with disabilities can live a normal
and independent life.

The NDIS categorizes the severity of the disability as:

  • Permanent: This indicates that the person is bound to endure the disability throughout their life.
  • Significant: This indicates that the disability has a considerable impact on their ability to perform various regular tasks

The NDIS assists with services and support, as well as products that help people with disabilities. These products and services
help them regain self-confidence, learn life skills, and actively participate in their community. Ideally, if the NDIS can provide
support to the person at an early stage, then the impact of the disability or its progress can be controlled and dealt
with accordingly.

The NDIS scheme is available for the following disabilities:

  • Psychological disability.
  • Physiological anomalies, such as dismemberment.
  • Intellectual disability.
  • Psychosocial disability.
  • Cognitive disability.
  • Sensory impairment, such as hearing, speech, etc.